Exam on Wednesday. ;) help on objectives please

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Hi All,

I have my A+ OS objective on Wednesday, so I have printed off the objectives and gone through it ticking what I know. The two objectives I do not know, and may need a little help on what to know about it not going to deep for the A+ are:

* Connectivity technologies

-- Satelite
-- Wireless

What am I supposed to know on these two connections considering I know nothing yet. Anyone??


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    It's been awhile!

    I don't think you need to know much, but not sure how much that is.

    Probably transfer rates/speed, bandwidth.
    Access methods--like wireless Point of Access.
    Satellite: upstream and downstream connection or satellite downstream only but dialup connex for upstream traffic.

    You might want to research relative costs--like which cost most.
    You should know, which you probably do anyway, your satellite adapter is not really a modem, its a digital receiver. Things like that, but not too technical.

    Know your TCP/IP protocols and you may get asked something about the PING command. Some of this is in A+ study manuals, but I don't want to get you too involved in this because my mind has A+ and Network+ sort of melted together anymore.

    Maybe that will get you started in the right direction. Better to get too much than not enough though.

    Try: http://compnetworking.about.com/cs/wireless/
    and: http://certification.about.com/cs/atutorials/

    Best of luck!
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    Good Luck!

    I'm using the sybex book and it covers subjects like

    wireless access points, wireless commo for printers, wireless gateways

    satellite... the main point in my book is unidirectional and bidirectional connection

    Don't know if this will help... but again... good luck...
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    as it is the o/s exam it is unlikely that you will need to know things like speeds of the topologies, but more likely how to connect to a network having the aforementioned hardware connected to your pc. how would you set-up a computer (in the o/s) to connect to a physical network? are there any tabs or buttons in the relevant applets or panels that might be relevant to the hardware in question?
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