Assign drive letter to SCSI tape drive

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Anyone know how to assign a drive letter to a SCSI tape drive in WINDOWS XP PRO. The tape drive unit is HP Surestore DAT40 which I'm working with.


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    boring .... I am not exactly sure what you mean here?
    Does your drive not have a letter assigned or do you wish to use a different letter?
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    The tape drive does not have any drive assigned to it, but the drivers seem to work because there is no problem in Device Manager and diagnostics program running under XP for the SCSI adapter and the tape driver detect no problems.
  • mynameisboringmynameisboring Member Posts: 75 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I don't think this can be done anymore...I had previously thought that I needed to assign a drive letter to a tape drive in order to backup files. Silly me it can't be that straight forward!

    In the "Backup Utility" provided by XP, there is a "Backup" tab. There is a list box in this tab called "Backup destination", which by default the value is "File". And under that it shows "Destination" A:\.

    If you change the "Backup Destination" from file to 4mm DDS then you can use your tape drive to make backups. Just a not for those who might experience the same stump I got into.
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