Should I try to beat the dealine and take 642-425 IPTT?

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Hey everyone -

I need to decide soon if I should try to take 642-425 IPTT before the 10/2/07 deadline or if I should wait and take 642-426 TUC when I feel I'll be ready (probably in December). I've already passed CVOICE and I'm scheduled to take CIPT in 2 weeks (actually retake!). I had originally planned on studying and taking the GWGK and QOS exams in September and November which would give me a good foundation to then prepare for the Troubleshooting exam.

My concern right now is that there just isn't much information available for the 642-426 TUC as of yet and without good Cisco Press material, I won't have much to go by when I'm ready to prepare for it. Currently, I have a good amount of Cisco Press and other material for the 642-425 IPTT exam but I'm not comforatable trying to take this before GWGK and QOS.

Is anyone else facing this same dilemna and if so what are your thoughts? Also, does anyone know if Cisco or any other publisher is planning on making any material available over the next few months for 642-426 TUC? If I know that something was in the works, I would feel much better about waiting and taking this exam "in sequence".


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    It's probably not worth rushing it. It does make sense to take troubleshooting (IPTT or TUC) last.

    I didn't see any new book available for TUC so you could probably stick with your existing material and compare it to the TUC blueprint to figure out what new stuff might have been added (and old stuff removed) from the IPTT material. With the newer books available now for the other CCVP exams, you should also pay attention to the troubleshooting stuff (and the output of commands to test configurations and debug commands) as you study for those exams.
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    I've decided to wait on taking the Troubleshooting exam until the end, which I think will be in early January. I just passed the CIPT exam and I'm now procedding with my GWGK studies. If anyone comes across any good books or study materials for the TUC, please let me know. Thanks.
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    Congrats and good luck. Let us know how you are coming along! icon_wink.gif
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