IPCC and Historical Reports

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Hi fellows, I have been making some test calls with an IPCC server to see how cisco historical reports show the call data. Unfortunately, the reports show only the calls I made yesterday, not the calls I am currently doing.

Is there a setting where I can intruct the historical database to report me the calls that I am doing in the same day?


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  • CucumberCucumber Member Posts: 192
    I have found that the calls and events are being saved into the database with an offset of zero hours from GMT. Hence the time will be wrong in the reports icon_sad.gif

    The IPCC server has a correct time zone set in the operating system, so I still dont know how can the records be saved into the database with no time zone at all.
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    Here is an update, I went into the SQL Stored procedures inside cisco CRS, and changed some dates, from time zone dates into GMT dates.

    Also, I modified the reports using crystal reports, changing dates from GMT format into time zone format. Crystal Reports X1 has a cool function that does this.

    Unfortunately, after replacing the old reports with the new ones inside the Cisco Historical Reports templates directory, the application crashes icon_sad.gif

    I guess I will have to try using Crystal Reports 8.5 to modify the reports, so far the application has crashed using CR X1 and CR 8.0. icon_sad.gif
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