SSCP Eligibility Query ?

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Hi to all Security gurus !
Am working in Security Domain for past 8 months. I want to give "Associate of (ISC)² for SSCP" . I Want to know am I eligible for the same or not ? It's mentioned in the below link:

that I can take the Associate exam for SSCP.

When will I get SSCP certificate ? Will I get after completing 1 Year Exp in the Security domain.

Please reply as soon as possible because I need to take up the exam soon.

Waiting for ur reply,


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    Please do not start three new threads in different categories with the same exact question. Many people browse these boards regularly and it is a waste of our time if someone is responding to your question in one thread when it has already been answered in another.

    As for your question, there are several existing threads about this on these forums and all of the information is available on (ISC)2's website. One such thread can be found at by clicking here.

    Edit: Fixed url tags.
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    Not able to access that link ? can u resend the right link
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    That's weird. It works if you copy and paste it into your browser though...
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    (Disabled BBCode)


    He's just got the url formatted incorrectly, check the tags.
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    Thx for the reply. So i will take the exam Associate of the (ISC)² on Feb 08

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