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Hi Guys

I am new to this forum. I want to start preparing for CISSP exams. Anyone to help me with study materials, websites, etc.

Thanks in advance



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    The Shon Harris All-In-One Guide (4th Edition) is now available. I found the third edition to be a great overall view of all 10 domains from a very basic and primitive understanding which is good for the domains you are least famliar with.

    The (ISC)² Official Guide to the CISSP CBK is definitely recommended. It covers the each domain from the perspective of the exam. Sometimes it doesn't flow very well due to multiple authors but is definitely a critical read.

    If you visit you can register for free to access a flash presentation of what to expect for the exam and also a very large free practice test engine. The goal of the questions is not for exam preparation but to help you determine which domains you are the weakest in to make better use of your study time. I found these questions to be helpful in determining my weakest areas.

    The only other resource I used for my own studies was the Exam Cram 2 book for the CISSP. I purchased as for a quick review read but found it to be very lacking in critical information and not very helpful. I would not recommend this book.
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    Shon Harris, All in One as mentioned above.
    The Official Guide as mentioned above.

    Also pick up Hal Tipton's Information Security Handbook. This book puts everything into a much more real world perspective as it's written for people who have to do CISSP type work daily. Some of the topics become blurry and having this handbook handy helps tremendously. You might not have to read the entire book, but when you read the Harris book, and the Official Guide and find that you're still fuzzy on some topics, you'll want to recover those topics in this book. Also, don't be hesitant to pick up some topic specific books that cover the basics, for example something like Applied Cryptography, or a Risk Assesment book or publication. I've never recommended the Exam Cram books for the CISSP, and don't feel comfortable doing so at this point.

    Study hard and study often, you'll be fine!!!

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