SSCP / CISSP Question?

eleguaelegua Member Posts: 282
Hi Guys;

I'm little late for this but i got a question, after i finished my Security+ i wanted to take this test (SSCP or CISSP), i bought all the books and later i noticed that i was needing experience to take those tests and i did quit, now after read a post in CompTIA Security+ session, i checked the ISC web side and find out that i can do the test and got the Associate of (ISC)2 and then after a i got the experience i will be SSCP or CISSP.

My question is, this only apply for SSCP or both?, i mean, can i do either exam or only SSCP?.

Thanks in advance, any help will be appreciate icon_wink.gificon_wink.gif

PS: I asked this in the Security+ session, sorry about that.


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