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Hi all

I am looking for a bit of advice. I will give you some background info on me and see what you think.

I have been a Network Specalist for the last 2 years full time. I worked in desktop support for 6 years before that for 2 companies. While with the second company i was helping out with networking as i currently hold a BSC in Network Computing.
I have gotten the certification bug again.
I have just recently passed my MCP and was going to work on my Security+ and MCSE. Today my boss asked me if i wanted to do my CISSP (Courses, exams etc).

I have had a look throught the CISSP candidate bulletin and i quite like the look of the material but unsure if its for me. I am quite technical and it looked like their was more planning and management involved in the CISSP.

I will still be doing my security+ before embarking on my CISSP. I know its a lot of work etc

Do you think i am embarking on the right track.

Sorry for the big story etc. I have to tell my boss by tommorow and not quite sure what to do

Thanks in advance


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    You need five years of full-time security experience:

    You can become an associate if pass the test but do not meet the CISSP requirements:

    I believe it is geared more towards managers and directors, but I'm sure plenty of technical folks have it as well. It's not like having too much knowledge is going to hurt you :D

    However, since you're just starting the Security+, you may be getting in a little over your head at this point.
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    Cheers for the reply dynamik. I thought it was geared more towards the manager types etc

    Are you currently doing your CISSP or have you passed already?

    Do you think it would be worth doing after my Security+ or would you recomend a different route
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    I'm about to buy a couple of books and start working on it in the background, so I'm only really qualified to talk about the various requirements and answer other simple questions I've already asked here ;)

    I certainly don't meet the requirements, so I would be looking at the associate as well.

    The Security+ is a good certification to get you started. It's a broad overview that includes everything from encryption to physical security, and it will probably provide you with some direction as to what you will want to focus on in your future studies. It also counts as an elective towards your MCSE/MCSE:S.
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    cool, i bought the SYNGRESS Security+ book today and my Security+ will count against my MCSE too. I just cant make up my mind wether to go for the CISSP. It looks like a good course and i would not be starting it till end of March. So i could get a good knowlege before starting
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    There is a huge difference in knowledge between the Security+ and CISSP. It's sort of like the difference between Jr. High School and a Masters degree. And even if you pass the CISSP exam, you won't be able to get the full CISSP certification without the required, verifiable work experience.
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    i know i wont get the cert right away due to experience. I think i am going to do the associate thou. I am just going to have to work extra hard at it. I am not expecting to know it all after one course or even after a few months study. I know i will have to work really hard and gain lots of experience but hey nothing ventured nothing gained. I am working in a good enviroment at the moment with a very supportive employer

    Thanks for all your replies guys. Much appreciated
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