How many are there who has got all 5 CCIE certs?????????

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Hi Guys,...

does any one care to find how many CCIES who has all 5 certs?


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    Should mention as Mrock says that scott morris is on his way to five, there is a guy with six I beleive....forgot his name though.
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    I haven't really looked into it, but I know Brian Dennis at Internetwork Expert is a Quad CCIE. There can't be too many of them..

    Scott Morris is on his way to 5...
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    Not sure how important this question is.... since Cisco hasn't considered it important enough to update the case study that mentioned the 2 quintuple CCIEs. I think that may be all the way back from 2003.

    Then a couple years back there was something posted on the Cisco site about 5 or 6 Quintuple CCIEs -- so there are probably more by now.

    The CCIEs Worldwide web page doesn't break down the number other than "Total with 3 or more certifications."

    And the retired track CCIEs still count for the people who earned them (and recertify) -- so the guy with 6 CCIEs has 3 retired track CCIEs and 3 active track CCIEs.

    Cisco CCIE Case Studies web page

    Just remember -- the time you spend worring about other people's CCIEs is time you could have spent studying for your own. :D
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    Yep icon_lol.gif

    I came across this interesting article that is why i posted this... true though waste of time, but something to take as well...

    Scott Morris of is a quad CCIE
    Brian Dennis of is a quad CCIE working on #5 (voice)
    Brian McGahan of is a triple CCIE (4 digit no less). I want to say he's only 26/27.
    Harith **** systems quadruple CCIE

    above all have 4 certs or more in cisco, and some has muti cross qualifications...

    so the point is, after finishing one cert going for another ? or going for a muti qualification is worth?

    in terms of job demand?
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    Muliti-CCIE's are an elite group, they pretty much write their own ticket. Demand isn't a problem.
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