Which MS cert to do next.

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Hello all,

I currently studying for the 70-291 exam. I have it scheduled for Thursday morning, unfortunately I know i am not overly prepared for this one but prometric is booked solid for the rest of the month so i cannot reschedule at this time. I will pull an all-niter to try and fill the gaps as best i can. I've been doing IT for 10+ years so its refreshing my memory as to the Microsoft way. My question is what order should i do the remaining certs. My job has specified that i must have my MCSE by August, and stated that they want me to take the following exams.

70-290-294 <- as required to get MCSE
70-284 to get exchange exposure.
70-298 for the design exam.

I read in a different post that Royal recommends taking the 70-284 after taking 70-293. And since I work with 20+ small - medium business as a consultant I think it would be more beneficial to get this early and help take some of the load off the other techs.
Since I am also taking 70-298 when should one take on the 70-299 and Security+ exams? Is it better to take them before the 70-298 exam or does it really matter that much.
I currently use CBT Nuggets, Train Signal, and have access to Safari books online for all of my study material.

Currently Studying:
VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 – Data Center Administration (VCAP5-DCA) (Passed)
VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 – Data Center Design (VCAP5-DCD)
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