Nuggets vs Mike Meyers Learnkey

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I cannot decide on a study plan for my N+ icon_confused.gif:
I figure the video training looks more appealing than a text book however i just bought an MS book for 70-620 which i also would like to take.

Your thoughts appreciated


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    I would never rely solely on video training. I use CBT Nuggets, but they are used to compliment reading. I'd get the videos and the books.
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  • chrisdugganchrisduggan Posts: 27Registered Members ■□□□□□□□□□
    I spent hours trying to figure out which book was the right one as there are so many different versions and nothing very recent. I went in for a N+ book and came out with a 70-620 book. I have been reading various bits and as a rule i write down what i need. I have not studied in several years, its all a bit of a blur. So used to just getting on with it
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    If I were you I would use 2 books. I used MM's and ExamCram2 for N+. I think they both did a good job, but the test is wacky now and really doesnt represent the study materials.
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    I wouldn't use two books for n+... IF you know nothing about networking, watch the CBT Nuggets before you read the chapter. You will get a better visualization of how things work before you cram in the knowledge.

    Just watch the video and you will fail miserably.
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    Or you can just take the objectives of the Network+ exam and find all of the material already out on the Internet. The information available at Cisco, Wikipedia, HowStuffWorks, and TechExams along with the CBT videos and some hands-on networking experience should be all that you need.
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    Using the book of my choice and CBT Nuggets seems to always be a winning combination for me. I wouldn't solely rely on CBT Nuggets unless your already familiar with the material. I usually purchase CBT Nuggets when I'm less familiar with the subject in order to beat it in my head! icon_lol.gif
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    i use cbt's as a another resource to my study. i try to use 2 books for my main resources then i use the video's for a different approach to the subject and to basically lighten the study from time to time. That along with some internet resources aswell.

    as for different kinds of cbt's, well i think that depends on the exams. i have used the learnkey for my 270 and used nuggets for the 270 aswell and i always thought the nuggets were slightly better. but im sure it was aaron spurlock who done the video and not mike.

    as for the cisco track ive heard the nuggets and testout are the good choice for cbt's.
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