Iinfo please on 291 exam Questions?!

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Hi all,

I am due to sit the 291 exam on Monday 17th. I have read on this forum from various people who recently sat the exam that there were a lot of WSUS questions..? Are they many? As the MS Press book does not cover SUS greatly as it does DNS/DHCP etc..
Any information on heavily tested areas would be appreciated please as i have been reading MS Press/Exam CRam/Transcenders and feel like i am in a mess still with it all!! crash.gif
On Transcenders i have been scoring 60% only! so need to keep retaking the tests to hammer it home..
Not sure but i may postpone the exam for a week or 2..?

Any help/advice would be appreciated.

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    Have you checked out Royal's sticky post in the 291 forum yet? It covers alot of the major objective areas and cites plenty of sources. I found this very helpful for my 291 studies.
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    WSUS 2 is reportedly covered pretty heavily on 291 along with DNS.

    Transcender 60% indicates you probably need to push the exam back a little.

    Good luck.
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    thank you for the above replies, and info. i had looked at some of Royals links and related information previously, very useful indeed.
    i am thinking too i may need to push back the exam, i will see how i go tonight with sitting another test, i connot wait to get this exam over and done with so i can move on to 293 icon_arrow.gif ...!
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    Be sure to learn the 291 material thoroughly. 293 builds on 291, so if your 291 knowledge is weak, you'll have a difficult time with 293. You do not want to rush through these exams.
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    hi all(!)

    decided to hold fire for a week on the exam, and have it booked now for the 25th.
    meanwhile its back to Transcender and Royal's links/tips/help...!
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