I Passed 70-292

at last.....I passsed the exam 70-292(this one is a true beast). Thanks to second shot. my score = 775..... A pass is a pass, a golden quote and i will take it. This comes after my first setback with 485. My problem is just, to pass this 70-296. But how can I do that, March 31 is past approaching. I checked the prometric sched and I am surprised that the May 24 extension is really true. There is still an sched of testing for 70-296. I asked the Regional MS Center about it and he don't know about this and he regret to tell me that the extension is not valid. What is the real story on this one. I want to go back to the study table to start reviewing my 70-296 and I really wanna kill this one too.


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    Before I passed the 296 today, I asked the receptionist if my second shot voucher would be valid if i didn't pass and she told me that this exam will be available till the end of may. I would think that the exam will be available even for first attempt . You might want to call prometric just to be shure.
  • jojopramosjojopramos Member Posts: 415
    Thanks for the advise. I did asked the testing center about thus and they also don't know if the exam will be extended up. to May 24th. You are right, I will just be calling the prometric for this...To be sure so that I can slay 296. This May extension is really a great help if this is true.
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    My understanding is that the tests officially retire at the end of the month, but you can actually take them as long as Prometric offers them, which I believe is May 24th. Go ahead and start studying. Even if you can't take 296, the material will still be applicable to the individual 2003 tests.

    Oh, and congratulations icon_thumright.gif
  • jojopramosjojopramos Member Posts: 415
    Thanks dynamik.......I will be starting my 70-296 quest and I am planning to slay this on the first week of May. My broad understanding on DNS and AD at work may help me slaying this exam plus the revitalized knowledge that I gathered/learned on 292. Although until now, my head is still aching after reviewing and passing 70-292 for 4 long months and a second shot (I failed on my first try). MS Press book works well with this one. Be sure to simulate it well on the virtual machines (not in the production servers)....
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