Networking in a Windows 2000 Domain

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Ok, so I got my domain controller working running Windows 2000 Advanced Server. With 4 client machines running Windows 2000 Professional. The only problem is that my domain controller is set up on a different internet connection than that of the clients. I have roaming profiles set up on my network but when I try to login on the client machines it does ereything over the internet so it takes forever to logon and transfere files between the clients and the domain controller. Is there any way to fix this problem? Is there a way to force it to use NetBIOS or something so that it doesn't use TCP/IP to communicate with the server? I only have one NIC in the domain controller. I have a DSL line hooked up to a hub as well as a cable modem connection. The domain controller has a static IP address through the DSL and the rest of the client machines share an IP address VIA the cable connection using a router.


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    I presume that there is no router on the end of the DSL, just the DSL modem and ur server hangs off that and uve got a static IP.

    The Cable modem goes to ur router and u have 4 clients hanging off that router? Why don't u hang the server off the router also? If the router is only a 4-port unit, buy a 4/8/16 port hub or switch for $50 so u can add more boxes to the router.

    If you want them to be on seperate networks then all communication is gonna go over the internet unless you install a router between ur 2 networks.

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