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before trying to tackle the CCNP. I received my CCNA back in Nov. 2007 and got this job as a Jr. Network Engineer in March of this year. Alot of the projects and assignments I have been given are above the scope of the CCNA. Working with CEF, Multilink PPP, VPN setup, Multilayer switching, etc. I tend to have to spend some time researching the assignment to get a better understanding then research to find the appropriate configs. I don't mind it because I like learning, but I am thinking maybe I should begin prepping for the CCNP sooner then later. What do you guys think?

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    by the sounds of it your obviously working with ccnp stuff so i would go for it man. You have a good opportunity that many people would die for.... i would love the chance just to even touch the stuff at work haha.

    So do it sooner rather than later for me, the experiance and learning will go great hand in hand.
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    i'm in the same boat buddy..... I've started my CCNP quest though and I recommend starting ASAP....

    I got my CCNA at the start of Nov '07 a few months after that I proved to my employer that I could fill the opening for Network Engineer..... Which is my current title...... Studying for my CCNP enables me to complete and troubleshoot many situations without having to research first.....

    You're always going to be researching first as it's the smartest thing to do as I am yet to meet someone who can remember absolutely everything there is to do with networking.... but hopefully having the knowledge from your CCNP studies will help you limit the amount of research you have to conduct as you will just need to brush up on a few minor details depending on the situation or if you're really good you may not need to research certain things....

    In short I say go for it mate!!!!! Join the club....... And if you ask which exam do you go for first I personally went with BCMSN as I touch base with alot of MLS scenarios at work so wanted to learn more about that first...... BSCI is next on the list for me... :D

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    Yea, I would definitely do it. You have real world, job experience. A lot of us CCNP hopefuls have only home lab experience.
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    Sooner! Especially if you're working in the environment, I would of started it before I got the jnr networking position if I were you.
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