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I'm currently doing a BSc Degree in Computer Science, which i will probably take up to masters (MEng) level. I also have Linux+ and EC-Council CEH certifications. When i graduate, the only formal work experience i will have in IT is 2 days a week as a software dev as part of the MEng year of my degree, so im hoping i can patch this gap up with certs to help getting a first job icon_confused.gif

I want to work in security when i graduate, either pen-testing or vulnerability research, at this stage i don't know which, just whichever has more money involved? :P

Im currently looking at which certifications i should be doing while im still at university (I have alot of free time and may as well make use of it), I really want to do the Offensive Security one as it seems to have alot of practicle work involved, but im not sure how valued this is amongst employers?

I also feel I should get some Cisco stuff started with CCNA, only problem is costs of setting up a home lab to learn on, but i guess i can sell it once im done. Also should i probably do CompTIA Security+?

Thanks for any advice,

CompTIA Linux+
EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker


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