Errors and ambiguous questions?

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Hi, just had a look through the CompTIA A+ Core Hardware practice exam on the site, and curious about a couple of answers and their questions.
One is the difference between AT and ATX, other than powersupply, there is no real difference - however the answer listed also states PS/2 support - PS/2 mouse support IS included in many AT motherboards perhaps the list of answers should read PS/2 keyboard support?
The other question is regarding the VGA/SVGA connector 15 pin, three row male OR female depending on whether the socket or the cable connector was implied. Makes it a bit hard to answer the questions correctly if they are worded ambiguously.


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    icon_sad.gif I had only good comments about these questions so far...

    First, there are no errors in these exams (a typo or something like that can happen but) we do not give out incorrect information.

    Second if you think our questions are ambigious, wait untill you sit the real exam... icon_wink.gif

    I could have listed PS/2 keyboard support, instead of just PS/2 support, in either case the question itself would be correct. By saying PS/2 support is a main difference between AT and ATX I do not imply AT has no support for PS/2 (you don't expect the AT not to have a power supply, do you ;) )

    As for the VGA connector, most monitors today come with the cable attached, that cable has a connector which connects to the port on your video card. The connector is a 15-pin, three-row, female DB connector... answer a is the best answer.

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    Webmaster wrote:
    Second if you think our questions are ambigious, wait untill you sit the real exam... icon_wink.gif

    lol...he is right. Wait until you see the real exam questions icon_wink.gif
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    I'm sorry if I offended anyone icon_redface.gif , I did not mean to criticise the site at all. Nor did I intentionally imply that you were supplying incorrect answers - although now that I review my post I can understand why that it might be thought that I did (the subject line was a bit harsh!). icon_confused.gif

    I am honestly aware of the work Webmaster and all involved in the TechExams site put into making it work and for the willingness to share their experiences and knowledge. And I am repentant of my actions and words. icon_sad.gif
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    icon_confused.gif Was I being too defensive?

    I appreciate every single comment (positive or negative) from anyone, and actually I installed the forums on the site to give the users the ability to give feedback on the questions... (untill the moderators and other people willing to share their knowledge came along and brought the forums to life icon_cheers.gif ) ...because that gives me the opportunity to explain. And although I use at least 3 or 4 different sources to backup the questions, everybody makes 'mistakes' and although I'm very confident about the correctness, I'm sure some questions could be worded better, so I really appreciate all the feedback.

    So, no harm done, I don't think you offended anyone. :)

    On a side note, you do have a point about the subject line, I rather have people just name it question x and x for example, this prevents people from getting the wrong impression about our material and makes it easier for other people to search... however this will become a problem once I get the test engine to randomize the questions (and answers) (Bellboy, how are those php skills coming along? ;) )

    Anyway, enjoy the site and keep those critics coming :D

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