The golden path beyond MCDST!

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Hi -

I passed my 70-271 and expect to have my 70-272 (mcdst) by end August. I think i would like to proceed onto another level now but not sure what would be the best path to take. Would preferably like to work from home than have to attend a course at College. Im not keen on networking and not sure how i would be able to learn practical networking from a home PC.

Any suggestions on what path i could take,
Many thanks.


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    Depending on how much money you are willing to spend, You can learn much from home. Both has advantages/disadvantages. Between Cbt Nuggets, Testout and review guides this can take you far especially when using virtual software.

    College classes are great its the schedule that ruins it. Sitting in a classroom for 8 hours on a Saturday is torture. After the second hour your attention span tanks.

    I am a big fan of cbt and testout. Cbt for in depth videos because I have to visualize something before I read about it or realize I can skip over reading a chapter later. Testout for the concepts and lab. I used to read over something and think I grasped it and with the testout video and virtual sims you discover right away so your not building your foundation of knowledge on a misunderstanding. By far I have not seen anyone come close to there sims.
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    Yep, there's plenty of ways to teach yourself. CBT covers the same material that a class would. The only downside is you have to use your own equipment and can't ask questions (but that's what we're for).

    The Network+ and/or CCENT/CCNA will get you up to speed on the networking side of things. The CCENT/CCNA are going to be more in-depth and focus on Cisco equipment. You might want to start with the Network+ and move on to the Cisco stuff after that.

    Also, consider taking 70-621 after you wrap up your MCDST. That'll get you the new MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician.
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    For learning networking no one seems to do it better than Cisco. I would start with your CCENT and then move up to your CCNA. That will probably take about a year based on labs... free time etc.

    After that you can start in on more advanced stuff that requires more networking.
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    It wont add another line to your resume, but 290 will seriously educate you, and you can learn it on your own.

    If you need to add lines to your resume, 621 will give you 2 more certifications.
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    Thanks very much for these replys, very good food for thought. I'll keep you posted on what path i decide to go (assuming i pass my 70-272 into the bargain)!

    Many thanks,
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