Death by Ambiguity, Illiteracy, and Standardization

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Hi all. I am just a noob here.
I just did the A+ Hardware sample test. My score was 53%. And i thought I would have scored 80% or better. icon_redface.gif
I reviewed my baddeez and discovered I was seduced by the wording of the questions - esp. those that were worded as "Which of the following is correct?" And there were 2 or 3 answers correct. So I selected the most correct = WRONG!
The wording should be "is/are correct". That way no hint is given as so singularity or plurality; and this standard should be applied in all cases for consistency. Indeed such a standard would induce mass paranoia and feelings of gross indecision, and would make A+ a standard worth recognition - I am sorry but most people I know do not generally put much faith in the local rip-off joints that advertise they have certified techies onsite to fix your lame dellbox, or your pathetic p4 with sdram omg.
This cert thing is to protect employers re legal claims and a messy money-grab for all those tester people, and yeh it's kinda necessary, but it should be cheap and really difficult rather than expensive (profitable) and extortionary. (no cert=no work) And of course I have been trying to run a business uncertified and I am regarded as who knows what - but I know this stuff better than most certified people, and I would always do better work on my pc than any certified repair shop - PERIOD. And so would most of you, emphasis on MOST.
This is about passing an exam and has nothing to do directly with fix buddy's dead pc. And I know you might pass this exam, but you are not going to fix my pc and you are not going to setup virtual memory and restrict Windows backgrounding in XP - too often the solution is buy a faster pc - so that the fast cpu can juggle all the background garbage as well as run quake3 - including efficiency in this area would make it worthwhile and respectable. But all that would upset the economy - sigh.
And you trendoids that post icon_redface.gif your pc specs on everything you write - get real - it's a 486 with bells and whistles - aka x86. icon_eek.gif
I will see yall later elsewhere. icon_cool.gif



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