getting through the MS pressbooks without losing interest

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I've passed the 70-271 like a month ago or so and I'm working on the 70-272 right now. I'm not satisfied with the result, if I compare it to my knowledge. I think I don't know as much as my test result showed. I'm also having problems to stay focused while reading and taking notes while reading the MS pressbook(70-272) without getting tired and losing interest. I have the 70-271 en 70-272 CBT Nuggets to try that now. My question how can I study effectively without losing interest while studying and that the material really sticks with me so that I can use it in practical situations? I've read in several other posts that most people study by taking notes, from practical experience, from CBT Nuggets, and from repetition of writing things down? So which of these ways is the most effective without getting bored by losing interest cuz of the MS pressbook going on and on and on. You know what I mean?


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    Just take a break. These books aren't entertaining reads. Maybe try doing something like reading 10-15 pages in the morning, after work, and before bed. The content is much easier to handle in smaller doses. Just don't overdo it and burn out.
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    The best way to prepare is a combination of everything you mentioned in your posts - maybe try mixing up your study routine. I'm about to tak 70-272 and have been reading a chapter in my Sybex book, then doing review/practice exam questions, then going back to the book.

    I don't think the Sybex book is as detailed as it should be in some areas, but it helped quite a bit for 70-271.

    Sorry to say, but this material is not the most interesting stuff to read.
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    If you want to try to mix things up a little bit, but still feel like you're being productive, try studying something else for a while. If you're working on the 70-272 exam, and it begins to burn you out, try spending a day looking at material for another exam you're interested in, or just learning about something else IT-related that might be useful to you. Other than that, taking your reading in short bursts and switching between the book and CBT Nuggets is a good bet, as is just taking a break every once in a while and doing something else altogether.

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    thanks for the replies and info. I'll be planning on applying it for my study on the 272 and I will redo my study on the 271 so I will really feel like I have to knowledge and not just barley having passed an exam.
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    To be honest, I stopped reading them .. I had a couple of books where the first errors appeared in the first chapter. I got tired of reading too many book corrections ..

    I started reading Syngress books - very refreshing I must say .. Well .. better anyway :)
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