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Ok, so I have put out a feeler to everyone here under a thread of Practical use of CISSP, and everyone seems to think it is a good cert, and the only critism I can find of it is that it is so broad.

Why do I want to get this cert?

1. Salary advancement, I currently make 68k I am looking to relocate to Dallas or Houston and be closer to 100k ( yes I understand there are other things to consider and nothing not even the CISSP gurantees a certain salary level, but I have had so many interviews in my short career I feel like give a bigger area I can swing this, I live in a severly depressed area where the median household income is 42k)

2. I don't think there is going to be enough advancement opportunitys for me in my area and I would like to have this credential before I try to make it in the big city.

How do I plan to study / timeframe?

1. Shon harris all in one

2. offical CISSP guide

3. CBT Nuggz Streaming subscription that is really great by the way in case anyone was interested

4. Transcender (which has always been great for Comptia and Microsoft


I plan to start right away and hopefully devote 15+ hours to it a week (Yes I have no life) and I hope to be prepared to take the test by Dec / Jan.

So, I have a question about the audit process. I am not sure if this can be disclosed and I am not worried or trying to subvert anything, but what is involved and what kinds of documenation will I want to give ISC2 up front to make things go smooth?

The reason I ask this is I think my last job might be closing its doors soon and I had rather get anything I might need from the local facility than going through the redtape of dealing with have ISC2 deal with corporate and a bunch of people who don't know me or what I did.

Also, my Job description was severly flawed from day one and never revised, I can most likely get this revised working through my old boss and Hr manager.

Next, my first long term IT job has closed it's doors (why I left) and I will try to have to track down the previous owner or the previous service manger.

So I know there is alot of info on their site and I am sure I will have to contact them directly, but I was hoping some of the more experienced people here could shed some light on some of this?

Thanks guys.
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