CISSP and the endorsement

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Two questions, please, regarding the endorsement:

1) For the experience requirement, according to the (ICS)2 web site: "The five years of experience must be the equivalent of actual fulltime Information Security work...; this requirement is cumulative, however, and may have been accrued over a much longer period of time." Suppose one's five years of experience (or four years depending on any applicable waivers) covers three jobs over, say, eight years (I'm making up numbers here). The endorsement form has room for only one endorser. Does this mean we need to have multiple endorsement forms signed?

2) Suppose a person has more than enough experience to sit for the CISSP exam but has never worked for a CISSP? Is a company president or vice president eligible to sign the endorsement form even if IT is not their field? Is there a list of eligible endorsers for the endorsement form?

Thank you.


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