Questions concerning CIW v5 1D0-510 Assoc. exam?

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I work with a guy who told me this morning that a few days ago that he became a Certified Internet Webmaster. I am very interested in this test. I went to the CIW website to read more info, however did not see anything on if this exam has an expiration date. Does anyone know? Is it for life? I am taking the Network+ test soon and I am just looking at my options at what other cert's I want/will take. What are pro's/con's with this test? icon_confused.gif


  • dynamikdynamik Posts: 12,314Banned
    Are you a web designer/developer, or do you want to be? I'm not sure if this cert expires or not, but they'll get back to you quickly if you contact them. This isn't a very well known certification, but it may help you out if you're looking to work as a web designer/developer. It doesn't really compliment other networking/administration certifications.
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    Thanks dynamik, for the info. I kind of want to be well rounded on an entry level in several cert's. Do you think that is wise? I don't know if I would like to specialize in any one area. icon_confused.gif I actually dabble a little bit with HTML and would like to design a webpage/site in the near future!!

    I know a guy who is a webmaster for a company that designs websites. He is pretty wealthy!!!
  • dynamikdynamik Posts: 12,314Banned
    I'd say you should focus on one area or the other. I really consider web development to be an entirely different animal than systems/network administration. It would be very rare for you to find a job where you will be doing web development and IT work. It would more than likely be a small business, and you would have to pick one or the other in order to advance your career.
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