Favorite place to buy books?

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What's your favorite place to purchase books from? I used to like buying from Amazon because they also double as a sell everything e-retailer. I was fairly happy with them until I ordered text books from them. They held a book while they were waiting for a different out of stock book, so to make a long story short I didn't like that they were taking so long.

So I tried Buy.com and ordered my CCNA book. I used free shipping since I wasn't in a hurry to receive it. It ended up being poorly packaged. It wasn't wrapped in plastic or anything so one of the corners got bent up a bit.

So, where do you guys have the best experiences with shipping, prices and retailer trustworthiness?


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    I use Best Bargain Books @ Ebay whenever possible. I've gotten an insane amount of books from them and they've been extremely to reasonably well on the condition. As far as the pricing in concerned, I've bought books which cost most to ship than the book cost.


    Otherwise whichever has the best price, Amazon, Ebay, Barnes and Nobles... Depends on what I need, how fast I want it, etc.
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    I use amazon and have been happy with all of my purchases.

    I have ordered from Cisco Press before also which also had great service.

    Sorry, not much help I know.....
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    I'm an Amazon Prime member; the free two-day shipping is fantastic. I get books, movies, music, games, etc. from there. If you think about how much time and money (gas, etc.) you spend out and about on trivial errands each year, the $80 or whatever per year seems like nothing, and it's very rare that I can't wait two days for something.
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    amazon. Great for most things really
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    Amazon mostly, but I've been known to do the unthinkable and go to an actual brick-and-mortar Barnes and Nobles near my job from time to time...
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    Amazon. Love the free shipping. Especially since I live in Alaska.
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    half.com, part of ebay.
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    I mostly go through Amazon, since I've found that they usully carry the books I want. I find deals wherever I can get them, of course, saving money is a good thing. Rarely, do I buy books out of bookstores. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't go down to Borders, buy a cup of coffee, and peruse the computer section until I find something I want. . . then promptly write down the title and ISBN number and go off to find it on Amazon. icon_lol.gif

    Of course, the fact that the barista(s) at my local Border's cafe are hot, has nothing to do with it. One, in particular. . . icon_cool.gif

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    My favorite book search service is www.addall.com. It usually directs me to a seller on amazon.com.
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    I usually pick up books from Amazon also. A buddy of mine tipped me off to www.bookpool.com , I have yet to get any books from them, but the prices seem pretty good. If anyone has purchased books from them, how was your experience?
  • win2k8win2k8 Posts: 262Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
    I use http://www.cheapestbookprice.com for my textbooks for college, have not tried them for tech books, but i suppose they would work the same. They compare all the major online bookstores. You can search by title and ISBN #'s i think.

  • GT-RobGT-Rob Posts: 1,090Registered Members

    Never had a problem with them. Even had a book that didn't show up, so I sent an email and they resent another book to me that day. (the original book did eventually show up)

    I have bought probably $1000+ worth of books and movies through them and will continue to do so.
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    amazon.com and bookpool.com for me. Usually I'll find a good price for books between the two sites. I favor Amazon for the shipping, since I'm in Las Vegas and most books are coming from up north (in reno) or out west (Los Angeles) so I usually get the free ground shipping by ordering more than $25 an order. BUT, I have found that bookpool will have some books $10-20 cheaper than Amazon. They also have a free shipping order, but they ship via media bulk mail which has taken 2-3 weeks both times I've tried. So I just end up paying for priority delivery since the $4-5 for priority is still less than what I'm saving over an Amazon order. All you on the east coast may have better luck with the media mail option. Anyone ever try it?
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  • jryantechjryantech Posts: 623Registered Members
    Barnes and Nobles... I like the actually feel of a book store.

    If they don't have what I'm looking for I go to Amazon.
    I can normally get it from Amazon quicker by ordering.
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  • networker050184networker050184 Posts: 11,962Mod Mod
    I have a Barnes and Nobles and a Borders right by my house maybe a mile from each other. The Borders has a MUCH larger selection of technical books than the Barnes and Nobles so I go there if I want to buy a book in person.
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  • Mrock4Mrock4 Posts: 2,360Banned
    I'm going to go against the grain also, and say Borders/Barnes and Noble. I have a Borders maybe 4-5 miles away, that I usually make the trip to. It usually starts with me being bored, and wanting new material, and once I'm there, I will surely leave with a new technical book...but amazon is what I use when it's not so much an impulse buy.
  • networker050184networker050184 Posts: 11,962Mod Mod
    I usually stop at Borders after I drop off my son at school because I have about an hour before I have to be at work. Going to the book store is an expensive hobby. At least when you like reading technical books....
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  • BokehBokeh Posts: 1,635Registered Members ■■■■■■■□□□
    Ok I'll be different, and say I use nerdbooks.com. I have had great service with them, they are usually cheaper than Amazon, etc even when you figure in the shipping.

    I have a friend who uses bookpool and swears by them as well.
  • cbigbrickcbigbrick Posts: 284Registered Members
    rickjr13 wrote:
    I usually pick up books from Amazon also. A buddy of mine tipped me off to www.bookpool.com , I have yet to get any books from them, but the prices seem pretty good. If anyone has purchased books from them, how was your experience?

    I have used bookpool.com since early 2000. I usually wait until I have 3-4 books I want to buy and compare the prices to amazon. I saved 25 bucks the last 3 book I ordered. I did the super saving shipping, which was 7-9 days but the books arrived in 3!!

    I also go to Borders or B&N just to look at the book before buying. I just get a cup of java and thumb though the ones I'm intersted in.

    I have returned books before with no issue.

    So I will continue to buy from them. Once I'm done with the book, I place it on craigslist at half price.
    And in conclusion your point was.....???

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  • undomielundomiel Posts: 2,818Registered Members
    I generally use B&N or Borders for browsing and Amazon for buying. Assuming that I can't find what I am looking for at the library, or I consider it a must have. I prefer browsing at B&N because the stores generally feel like they encourage more of a kick back and read atmosphere than the Borders stores. At least around here.
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  • IncInc Posts: 184Registered Members
    Amazon and Ciscopress
  • jamesp1983jamesp1983 Posts: 2,475Registered Members
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  • HolyWarsHolyWars Posts: 38Registered Members ■■□□□□□□□□
    Amazon for me too. They are a great price even for me ordering from England (I am in Australia). Much cheaper for me to order from England then from here. :D
  • msnelgrovemsnelgrove Posts: 167Registered Members
    Occasionally I go to Chapters and look at books and If I think I want to buy it, I look it up on Amazon with my cellphone and factor in shipping and see if it is still cheaper.
    Books bought from Chapters = 0 :D
  • manny355manny355 Posts: 134Registered Members
    it depends, I split my time between B&N and Boarders when I want to physically go in and thumb through the book before I buy.

    But I must say that I have bought a couple of books from Syngress.com and Sybex.

    From Syngress I got 291, 293, 294, 297 I can't remember which book I got from sybex at the moment.
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