GNS3/Dynamips question

TalicTalic Member Posts: 423
When starting up GNS3 do you start Dynamips first and let it run in the background? Do you need to open port 7200 on your firewall? Does port 7101 need to be open too?

It seems like whenever I start up Dynamips it just hangs at the "Hypervisor TCP control server started" line but I think from a video I watched it would close after it was done.


  • Mrock4Mrock4 Banned Posts: 2,360
    I'm not terribly familiar with GNS3, since I use Dynamips/Dynagen and notepad for topology changes, but I have fooled with GNS3 a bit. I just opened GNS3 alone, and then pointed the software to the dynamips EXE file, so when I wanted to test out my topologies, GNS3 would start dynamips automatically. IIRC, I also had to point GNS3 to the image files as well as the dynamips server.

    When I don't use GNS3, quite obviously, I open the Dynamips server (with no changes to firewall or anything), and it opens up the Hypervisor TCP Control server, then I open up the NET file of my choice, and get running.

    Edit: Also, with dynamips- if you close the hypervisor server, it will close all of your dynamips windows- including any routers you may have running. It'll leave Dynagen open, but that's it. It needs to be open at least with the dynamips/dynagen combo.
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