comptia is altering distribution of exam vouchers

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effective soon, all comptia partners will not be allowed to sell testing vouchers unless they are accompanied by testing materials.
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    Yes, I've read that as well. We'll probably find vouchers attached to books and CBTs and stuff... another reason to buy 'approved' and 'legal' study material...

    I've applied TechExams.Net for the Partnership as wel, unfortunately they never replied icon_confused.gif Maybe I should try again, and maybe we could create offline quizzers as well and sell them for e.g. $101, $1 for the quizzer $100 for the voucher ;)
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    Well, I agree that is a good move to supply study materials for the vouchers. People should study and know the materials for the exam.

    I just hope to see that CompTia restructure their question format to make it easier to understand for the test takers.
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    I read that the deadline for purchasing vouchers on some sites may be as soon as 3/15. (
    are the testing centers going to continue to accept vouchers? thanks
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    the use of vouchers are not banned. it's just the sale of them without study guides or a stay at a boot-camp ;) any voucher is good, so long as it is used before the expiry date, which may be 12 months.
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