packet tracer in place of lab routers

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Hello, I have some old routers and what not that im looking at donating to the local tech school for their Cisco lab, they run a Cisco network academy. I'm looking at getting my CCNA in the next year or so. My question is, is there anything that I can't do in Packet Tracer that i would need to study for the CCNA? I should still have access to the cisco lab after i donate them, so it may not be that big of a deal.

thanks in advanced.


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    I do not know specifically about the new material, but with the old CCNA it had EVERYTHING you needed really. With the new PacketTracer there is even more that is supported and it could be used for parts of the CCNP as well, I mean it even has redistribution now.
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    The new packet tracer is designed so that you do not have to use actual equipment to study for the exam. It has quite a few upgrades, including being able to create a frame relay network.
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    can someone send me a link to packet tracer 5, please?
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    Enrol at the Cisco Networking Academy and they'll tell you how to download Packet Tracer.
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