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I have taken the 802 exam twice now, the first time without router experience and the second with. Both times I've hit around 790 of the required about 825. I am used to doing very well academically, but this exam is kicking my butt. I am pursuing this only for myself and would like to see my score in the 900’s. Before I waste another 250, I was hoping to get some suggestions from the pros out there. I intensely studied Todd Lammle’s 6th ed. Book, I confess I found a **** out there but didn’t do much with it, and I spent about four hours a week for the last two months with an online router lab. The sims are mainly my problem I think and I need a different approach to study for them I believe. I am not looking for handouts, just suggestions on study techniques others have used.



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    i think you can start by observing your exam results - and get in depth with your weakness point.
    hands on experience do help a lot - that is including any subject in the curriculum with no exception - eg. subnetting - tcp/ip and technology knowledge - interconnect the devices and so forth.

    good luck with your next exam :)
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    Why don't you take the two exam route for the same price. Then it's only 125 each shot instead of 250. I don't know what your background is in IT but if you do not have much experience the two exam route is preferred. Also what are you using to study. I would recommend buying a couple routers and switch if you are having trouble with the labs or use Packet Tracer. In my experience if you can not do the sims quickly you really don't know the material.

    If you need help practicing for subnetting use it is a very good site.

    What are the areas you are weakest on and post your score breakdown so we can help you more.

    Keep trying most of us have failed a couple of cert tests in our past. If they made it easy everyone could do it.
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    Use multiple sources. I re-read Odom's 2 books (Cisco Press). I read Chris Bryant's resources twice.

    I found the Preplogic practice exams were really helpful by helping me to prepare for the test to see just how they are worded and what not.

    You are close to passing -- I just re-read everything to boost all my stats and I didn't pass the first time I took the 802.

    Good luck!
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