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just wondering if anyone can shine a light on a problem that i am having, i have Windows 2k advanced server set up on another comp whilst i study, but when i create a new user and try and log on using the new user i get the following message " the local policy of this system does not permit you to log on interactively" i have tried changing this on the local policy and the domain policy but it still pops up the server is set up as a DNS and DHCP server

any help would be appreciated


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    It seems like there is still a policy which prevents the new user to:
    "Log on Locally"
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    By default, the account operators, administrators, backup operators, print operators, server operators, Internet guest account, and Terminal Services user account are assigned the right to log on locally to a Windows-based domain controller. So make youor user account a member of one these groups

    You can also use the Microsoft Management Console Group Policy Editor snap-in in your Windows-based computer to assign "Log on locally" user rights to other users and groups Check ou the Microsoft site or user manual on the machine to find out.

    thanks, (Most of this came from the MS website)
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