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hey fellas, i'm studying for my CCNA cert and need some advice on what types of routers to get, where to get them and hopefully at an affordable price.
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    You can get some hints in the CCNA FAQ.

    Part of studying for the CCNA is learning about the routers and switches. If you have access to a lab at work with the latest and greatest routers and switches, then you have it made. But if you're like most people you'll scrounge on eBay for cheap older and obsolete routers & switches.

    I usually suggest 4 routers and 3 switches for the CCNA. The cost and your future certification plans may influence your choice of hardware.

    For the CCNA make sure 1 router can do SDM and 802.1Q trunking (the links are in the FAQ). You'll want one router that can act as a frame relay switch (2520, 2522, or something like a 3600 or 2600 with an NM-4A/S or NM-8A/S). For convenience you might want something to act like a terminal server (2509 or 2511 or an expensive NM for a 2600/3600).

    For Switches stay away from the cheap obsolete 1900. Get at least one 2950 (or 2960 if you want to spend the money) since that's what you be tested on -- but two 2950s are even better. You can toss in a 2924-XL-EN as a 3rd switch (and even a 4th switch if you're highly motivated).

    I haven't checked out the new simulator that should be available on the Cisco Press website, but in the past you could use the Boson simulator and it was "just enough" to pass.
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