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How does CCENT compare to Network +? Are there any similarities? Does the CCENT expire? I may be looking into learning more about Cisco.


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    Don't know about Network+, never done it. But here is the spec for the CCENT exam:
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    The CCENT (ICND1) is a lot more in depth than Network+. Off the top of my head, I would say there is a 50% overlap between ICND1 and Network+.

    ICND1 goes much deeper into switching, routing and IP addressing/subnetting. There is also a lot of Cisco specific router/switch configuration.

    ICND1 is a much tougher exam, but it will also prepare you much better for real world scenarios.

    It expires 3 years from the date of certification. I believe that gets "reset" when you pass ICND2 and become a CCNA, then again if you specialize in Security, Voice or Wireless, but I may be wrong about that last part.
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    You're right, it gets renewed when you do a specialism.
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    Also gets renewed when you pass any of the PRO level 642-xxx exams such as any of the four exams for CCNP.
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    I would say that the Network+ certification is much more broader and covers a larger range of networking topics than the ICND1 (CCENT). CCENT is pretty vendor neutral and specifically geared to tasks involved with Cisco routers and switches. Network+ will introduce network operating systems, different tools used in the networking world, different networking devices like iSCSI switches, a lot of history and evolution of networking technologies, etc.

    There is some overlap, but CCENT just has more focus on Cisco technologies, specifically their routers and switches, although they do touch on broad stuff like wireless and cable type technology.
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