Passed 12/23

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Hi folks,

As the title says, I took and passed the 70-294 exam on tuesday. I wasn't quite as well prepared for this one as I have been for others, partially due to the holiday season and partially because I felt like I knew group policy pretty well already. I ended up with an 815 and took 2:05 to complete.

I can see why others have called this the group policy exam. I'd say a full 80% of my questions were GP related in one way or another. I concentrated most of my studying on the non-GP and non-AD design portions. It turned out that my weakest area was GP design. Apparently I'm really good at maintaining GPs (100%), but I really suck at designing them (it's hard to tell with the bar graphs, but somewhere mid 50s% I'd say).

I must say, I enjoyed studying for this exam. I had an interview about two weeks before I started studying for it and the first question I was asked was "What are the FSMO roles?" I know I had at least seen FSMO in the past, but it wasn't connected to the master roles in my brain. I had to answer "I have no idea." Boy did I feel dumb when FSMO roles were covered in detail within the first few chapters of the MS Press book.

I used the MS Press book (which our microsoft rep provided for free!) and lots of tinkering around on a VM testlab I set up at work. Next is 70-293...and that will mean MCSE at long last.
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