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Hi, I only need to take 70-291 to be completed with my Certification and the school I am curently enrolled in expires in two weeks. What are my options to finishing the last course. I asked my enrollment advisor and its around 2,500 just to take the last little course to finish everything, which is alittle to much for me. Thanks



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    icon_scratch.gif Not sure I totally understand your question. Just study on your own, many of us do....

    You can get the MS Press Book 70-291 or Snygress or a host of other books. Search on Amazon for 70-291. It's best if you have a few old computers laying around you can throw windows server 2003 on and do all the labs in the book (or VMWare/Virtual PC on a fast computer). Preplogic or transcender makes good practice exams. I'd highly suggest one of the practice exams. They are a bit spendy, but way cheaper than the $2500.
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    Go through the tech notes, check your local library you should find some books there that will be helpful. Definitely fire up some virtual machines and do as many labs as you can to get the knowledge flowing there in your head. That should help for cutting costs.
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    Passed 70-291 (Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure) exam with flying colours. This site helped a lot, highly recommended and is the real deal! for more information visti this site http://www.****.org
    Thank you!!

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    As everyone says, it is far cheaper to study on your own. But, if you need someone to instruct you, and a lot of people do, the 291 has two Microsoft Official Curriculum courses.

    Course 2276
    Course 2277

    If I'm not mistaken, each one of them is 5 days. So, basically, in 10 days time, you will cover the entire exam content.

    The cost of each course is $1100 for a total of $2200. 2277 covers around 85% of the exam, so if you have to choose one, choose that one.

    The best way to find a course is to visit Microsoft.com and find which centers are offering the courses.. or.. just simply call the gold certified partner learning centers and find out when they can schedule a course.

    As an alternative, if you can learn on your own, it is a lot cheaper. Or, try Microsoft's e-learning. It is pretty good for this exam and cheaper.
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