Whew...PASSED..its over......for now : )

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After 4 weeks of non-stop reading, watching CBT nuggets and setting up / breaking / setting up every possible ephone, ephone-dn, DHCP, dial-peer, FXS, etc.. config using the gear I had. I sat for the exam today and PASSED. Oh yeah my weekends were a wash for the last 4 weeks too. guess what I'm doing this weekend?

What I used

CBT nuggets - Watched 3 times
Cisco Quick reference guide - Read 3 times
I didn't read the Cisco Press book cover to cover, I found it better use the equipment I had to follow Jeremy's steps throughout each video nugget. And when I got it working I would break it all down and do it again without watching the video. It is also probably worth mentioning that all the hardware I got came from different places with insufficient memory, outdated firmware, old IOS versions, CME wasn't installed, etc. So having to get all this working truly helped in understanding all the concepts. As for Unity Express and the UC500 stuff I did refer to the Cisco Press book for that information (read those sections like 4 times so it could sink in)

4 - Cisco 7960s /w power bricks
1 - 2650XM 48F / 256DR (CME installed)
1 - 1760-V 32F / 96DR FXS / FXO cards installed
1 - 3524 (thank gawd it supported Voice Vlans, I had no money left for a 3550)

Last word - The exam was not extremely hard, but you are tested on pretty much all topics in the book / nuggets so it is best to be sure you know everything before taking the exam. Good luck!

Question for those heading up the CCVP track, will the equipment above be sufficient for a CCVP lab? If not what else is needed?


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    Good Job!! and Congrats!!!

    .. i am waiting for my equipment to come in friday.. it all begins this weekend for me!

    My setup will be

    UC520W (had to have it)
    2651xm 48/128 cme
    3524 inline
    2960 ttl
    CBT nuggets, offical cisco book, quick ref.. and the only way i learn is when i put it and break things down just like you did..

    enjoy your short break... go drink up!
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    Congratulations! icon_cheers.gif
    bigga12 wrote: »
    guess what I'm doing this weekend?
    Hopefully celebrating!! drunken_smilie.gif

    For the CCVP, check out the CCVP FAQ.

    I think most people use the Multisite Deployment Model with Centralized Call Processing as the basis for their lab.

    Toss in a couple of fax machines (or PC/Laptop with modem and fax software) and a couple of analog phones (and the interfaces to support them). Add maybe another voice router/gateway for a 2nd branch office, and another router or two to configure as your PSTN Cloud and you should be close. You'll have to decide on which CCVP track to follow and setup the appropriate CallManager Server.

    The QoS exam will use both layer 2 and layer 3 switches, but you might be able to get by with a rack rental. You'd want to go over the QoS tasks for the 2950/2960 Layer 2 and 3550/3560/3750 Layer 3 switches.
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    Congratulations! Have fun celebrating, and it couldn't have been a better day for it. (Friday the 13th is for users, not IT professionals icon_lol.gif .)

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    Congrats on the pass
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    Didn't see this one until it got bumped this morning



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    Way to go!
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