70-291 - done!!

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It took me 3 attempts but I finally got there :)

I used Exam Cram but mainly Test Out software. The TO software did a brilliant job and I can't fault it APART from quickly skipping past the information I needed for the 1 sim that I got (I got the same simulation every time).

Also, the software doesn't really cover subnetting a great deal. This link should help you out there: http://www.********.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=38227&hl
It provides you with everything you really need to know for the exam.

The first time I took the exam I revised solidly for 3 days (yes, I said days) and I came out with 630. I didn't know any of the questions relating to IP addressing as the TO software didn't really touch on it and so I got none of those question right. If I had have known my stuff I'm confident I would've passed 1st time. Anyway, I was chuffed with 630 and with the aid of my 2nd shot I thought I'd nail it next time around. My biggest error was leaving the 2nd attempt 2 months. I'd forgotten everything I knew so had to start again. This time I revised for about 3 days again and my score dropped to about 550. Not happy! I was gutted as I honestly thought at the end of the exam I'd done it.

3rd attempt I revised for a couple of days but took it soon after the 2nd attempt so was just filling in the gaps. This time I passed with 815.

One thing I did notice is that the pool of questions isn't huge. On each of my exams I got quite a few of the same questions including the same sim every time. I think the only thing that makes this exam such a b!tch is that their is a massive amount of information to take in. DHCP and inparticular DNS are HUGE topics.
Know your commands (dnslint/dnscmd). Get hands on experience or at least get familiar with the DHCP/DNS/RRAS consoles because you will have certain questions asking you to configure so and so by clicking on the following DNS/DHCP/RRAS screen. This is where the TO software came in useful.

All in all keep at it and you will get there. Now on to 70-293.

Good luck!


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