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I have a main office network and a secondary area. The two areas are connected by two Cisco 1310 Wireless Access points using high gain directional antennas. The signal strength is good (line of sight and about 150 yards). The secondary area consists of 4 IP cameras going into a switch, which is attached to the access point.

From the main office, I can ping the access point with <5ms response, however, when I ping the cameras, I get around 1000ms response. If I go to the secondary area and plug into the switch, I can ping both the access point and all cameras with <5ms response.

All devices are on the same subnetwork, so no routing involved. Any ideas on my next step to find the cause?
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    Which AP are you pinging from the main office...the local one for the main office or the remote one at the secondary site? Sometimes switches don't react well to that kind of setup (With the wireless devices attached like a WAN link). Maybe you can procure two cheap routers with dedicated WAN ports and like 4 internal switch ports (like a cisco 871). Connect the WAP into the WAN port on the router and see if that helps. I am not for sure on this...just a troubleshooting idea.
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