IOS Versions/Upgrade

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Hi All,

Just wanted to ask what is the best IOS for CCNA studies? I have 3 2610's 2 X 2950's and a 2509 for easier access.

I believe there all on Different IOS some 11 others 12. Can the 2950's be updated?

Also I guess I have to take into account the Memory and Flash memory? Or is it DRAM the IOS is stored on? Is it best to max the memory on them?

Thanks guys

LAB - 4 X 2651XM's 1 X 2620 3 X 2950 1 X 2509 AS 1 X 3550


  • phantasmphantasm Member Posts: 995
    It is always best to max the DRAM/FLASH when possible. AFAIK the 2610's can goto 12.3 but thats it. For 12.4 you would want at least a 2600xm series router.
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  • kevin31kevin31 Member Posts: 154
    Thanks phantasm! Do you no the going price from memory? Also you have the filename of a 12.3 ios that's best to use?

    LAB - 4 X 2651XM's 1 X 2620 3 X 2950 1 X 2509 AS 1 X 3550
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