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I passed my N+ exam over the weekend. I'd like to thank everyone for their assistance and support.

As far as what is next.....not sure. Thinking either Cisco or MS? I think you have to get re-certified every few years (3) for the same true for MS?



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    As for renewing certs, it's not necessary for MS. Your certs are valid as long as the corresponding software is around & kicking. So while MS certs won't expire, they will lose their worth/value after a while.
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    Thanks for the info.....

    I am kind of lost at this point....I see so many different directions that people go in after N+. I was just viewing the Security + forum and a lot of folks seem to do that and then go to either the Cisco or MS.

    I was thinking about just choosing between MS or Cisco and had not really considered another CompTIA cert like Security +?

    I know this may sound silly...but how do you know what to do next?

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    What do you want to do next? Where are you working? What are your job responsibilities?

    If you are wanting to work (or are working) with Linux servers and Juniper networking equipment, there would be little reason to hit the MS or Cisco certs right now.

    If it's pre-employment, what do you want to do? Software, Network Administration? Hit the Microsoft (check the employment ads in your area, Windows 2003 certs are still very valuable over Win200icon_cool.gif. If you want to do more of the hardware stuff, and enjoy networking, go for Cisco (it's fun as anything for me! I love it!).

    Security+ is a good one if you are looking to go into that. But, as I stated above, if you aren't going to use it or don't want to: don't do it.

    Another plus, is to try and get some experience to back those up.

    But, with your A+ and Net+ out of the way, there goes an elective for your MCSA. You are only 3 exams away. You can kick out the 620 (or 270, XP) for your client, then the 290 and 291 (the Beast) for your MCSA (and in the case of the 620, you'd gain the MCTS cert).

    Whatever you decide: do it! :) Don't just rest on your laurels and stop now. Keep your momentum going and keep studying. But, it's mostly based on what you do, and what you want to do, that decides your certification path. You got the two basic starting certifications (great stepping stones, you'll understand a lot more of the material in future certs), now go for the big ones!
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    Thanks for breaking that down for me...its like someone just slapped me in the face:)

    Just to answer a few of your questions....I am not currently in IT due to forced job transition (call center closed). I was a level II service-desk (desktop/network support specialist) for 3 years. Now I am stuck in an admin / clerical type position...ugh.

    So, that was the main reason I decided to get myself in motion and get some ceritifications under my belt. Thus, achieving my A+ and hopefully I won't be stuck out of the loop if a tech position does come up.

    After thinking about it a little, I am leaning towards the MCSA track since I already would have my elective out of the way and be left with just 3 courses to take. I guess I would take something like the 270 first? Then, at least I would be an MCP:)

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