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Hey everyone,

I grabbed a DreamSpark voucher a couple weeks ago and I am cramming for my Vista:Configuring exam that is this Friday (Yikes!). I was wondering how prepared everyone was just going through the MS-Press book and Technotes here? Did you feel that the questions in the MS-Press book prepared you enough? At first I was missing a lot of them but now I am getting most of them right but I feel its more like "Oh, I remember this answer." kind of thing.

I don't use Vista on my personal machine as I was holding out for Windows 7. Going to mess around with it in VirtualPC the next couple days to get a feel for some stuff though (Yay MSDN AA!). I guess the main question did the MS-Book training kit go over enough stuff to make you confident on the exam or should I be looking at some other stuff?


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    I thought the MS Press book gave me all the info I needed for my exam. I also used the CBT nuggets videos as well.

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    ibit-matt wrote: »
    I thought the MS Press book gave me all the info I needed for my exam.
    +1. If you go through the labs/practices in the book, that will give you a good base for the exam. Play around with Vista as much as you can - I hear that there are lots of sims in recent exams, so it's important to be able to perform as well as answer direct questions.

    Good luck!
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    Yeah I had about 12 sims on my exam.

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    Just got back from taking the test...

    Passed with an 828! The book definitely helped prepare me for it. I do like the sims more than the questions, it makes more since when you are physically doing the tasks it asks for.

    Thanks to everyone on this board! I don't post much but I do read a lot of them.

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    Congrats on the pass icon_smile.gif

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