Damn it JIM!

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I failed 70-294! 643/1000. Looks like I just missed the mark. The funny thing is that I thought I did well on the exam. I must admit though....these MS exams are not really built to test your knowledge and application of the technology. They really try to mix/confuse the tester. The main reason I'm getting the MCSE is because it is a college requirement and the school (www.wgu.edu) is paying for it. I'm getting college credit and several certifications at the same time. Can't really beat that. My whole MS testing experience has been really frustrating. I plan on taking it again within a week or so. I'll let the community know those results.


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    Sounds like you've got nothing to lose. You'll get 'er next time!!
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    I'll be taking the helm on this one in a couple of days. I've been warned that this one is longer winded than the Transcenders. Kind of sucks for me, I'm slow reader and am worried time will be my biggest enemy on this exam. Was that your experience as well? Good luck to us both!
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    To be perfectly honest, I thought the 293 was much more of a drawn out test with really wordy questions. Don't get me wrong, this one is on the same track but not as bad as the 293 in my opinion. This one had more of the select all that apply, choose 3 answers - each one is part of the answer, choose 2 answers - each one is an answer on its own. Quite a few drag/drop and a bunch of topologies to study. I had 44 questions and had plenty of time left. I had literally 5secs left when i finished the 293.....and I failed that on my 1st attempt as well.
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