Scanning from another subnet?

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I have a client that has a SonicWALL TZ190 at one office and a Netgear FVS318v3 at another that I've connected in a router to router VPN. All clients in each network currently register with the DNS server in the main office, including the client's two Brother printers. I need to be able to setup scanning from one office to the other as per his request by being able to load a document in the feeder and scan from the printer console to a client machine on either network.

When scanning to a machine on the local network, the Brother software starts up and you can specify at each machine where the scan stores are held. The program used is the Brother Control Center. When attempting to scan to a PC on the other network, I get no response from either the printer or the computer.

Some quick questions:
1. When you establish a site to site VPN-are there any firewalls active between the two sites?
2. The Brother printers use NetBIOS for name resolution and require UDP ports 137 and 54925 opened up to scan successfully. Will this traffic cross the VPN by default?

Thanks in advance to any who can assist.


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    You can certainly firewall VPN traffic. I'm not sure if those devices support that or if it's configured though. I'd lean towards #2. You'd have to allow NetBIOS broadcasts or possibly add an entry to the lmhosts file. You can use something like N.MAP to scan the ports to see if they're open.
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    Do you know how I can enable broadcasts to actually go through the VPN?
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