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Hi. I have a squid proxy in my dmz located on an interface on my pix. The ip of the squid server is I was wondering if i can configure a route-map with a set ip next hop on my core switch which is connected to the pix? The subnet doesn't exist on my core but i have a default route pointing to my pix. If this is the case and i configure the route map, will traffic filtered by the route-map reach the dmz?

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    It will probaby reach the DMZ but after that I don't think much will happen.

    A route map will change te destination IP address. Once traffic hits the it won't do anything as it has reached it's destination.
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    setting the next hop to a remote subnet will cause the router to try and send the packet to that next hop IP address which will not be local. The router will try to find the correct egress interface which will result in a recursive lookup under normal conditions, but you are using policy based routing which bypasses normal conditions. I don't think it will work for what you are trying to do. You may be able to use a static translation on the pix and then set the next hop to be the static NAT translation.
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