Dynamips crashes every few minutes

rsuttonrsutton Posts: 1,029Member
Greetings. Has anyone seen this error message in Dynamips?

6 [unknown (0x12C0)] dynamips 5284 _cygtls::handle_exceptions:

2056 [unknown (0x12C0)] dynamips 5284 open_stackdumpfile: Dumping

stack trace
to dynamips.exe.stackdump
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It is crashing about every 5 minutes and then this error comes up. I'm running 4 virtual 2620 routers on a Windows XP laptop. The laptop is only a dual core 2.0GHZ with 1GB RAM. I know I am pushing the memory limits of my laptop but I don't know if that is what is causing Dynamips to splooge.


  • dynamikdynamik Posts: 12,314Banned
    How much memory have you configured your routers with? How much do you have free when everything's running? Does it work with two or three?
  • rsuttonrsutton Posts: 1,029Member
    I was hitting about 850MB memory usage. It also does it with just two routers running. Here is my config file:

    ghostios = true
    sparsemem = true
    image = C:\Program Files\Dynamips\Images\C2600-IS.BIN

    model = 2620XM
    S0/0 = R2 s0/0
    S0/1 = R3 s0/1

    router R2
    model = 2620XM

    router R3
    model = 2620XM
    S0/0 = R4 s0/1

    router R4
    model = 2620XM
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