OSI Network Model

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icon_confused.gif: Do I need to know the OSI network model. The book (A+ Complete Study Guide by David GrothDan Newland) has it in the A+ Core section. My teacher has told use we do not need to know this information. I have looked at the Comptia objectives but it does not mention OSI. Thanks.


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    Your teacher is correct.
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    That means I can do a brain **** on the OSI model. I have been working on and building systems since the 468DX days so the hardware portion of the test should be no problem. I don't know much about networking. Not to date myself but the first computer I owned was a Packard Bell XT (big mistake) that ran at a blazing 4.77MHz. I think the only generation I skipped was the 286 thankfully. I know run a P4 3.06GHz and a P4 2.0A. It makes me laugh when I think of how simple the days of DOS where.
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    There are a couple of important networking topics covered in the A+ portion, but mainly the hardware basics (topologies, cable length and lots on NICs) I hope to have a TechNote covering that part for the A+ exam soon.
    I think the only generation I skipped was the 286 thankfully.

    You missed out on something icon_wink.gif those were the days...

    Having real DOS experience certainly helps for the OS portion, for example, many people find the part about conventional, HMA, extended, expanded memory etc. difficult to grasp, while for those that really had to work with it in the DOS era it is usually logic.
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