Calling all Juniper and Cisco engineers?

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Hey guys how confusing it to learn juniper routing and switching and Cisco routing and switching? for those of you who have both? do you get confused or is it very similar? I'm just wondering is it like learning Linux and Windows??? Is it that different or is it similar? thanks


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    Pick one, learn it and then learn the differences. Best way to do it in my oppinion. I am not certed in either but I have worked with both.

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    Learn Cisco IOS, take training videos on Juniper partner portal site on differences between JUNOS and IOS. In all honesty, in real world, the difference is usuall get or set icon_rolleyes.gif
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  • itdaddyitdaddy Posts: 2,086Member
    you guys are fantastic! thanks so much. just curious about it. Juniper is really growing is that a good thing? hee hee

    thanks for your advice...icon_thumright.gif
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    If you want to get certified in Juniper go to, they have training there and if you do their pre-assessment they'll give you a free voucher for the exam.
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  • AldurAldur Juniper Moderator Posts: 1,460Member
    itdaddy wrote: »
    just curious about it. Juniper is really growing is that a good thing? hee hee

    Oh it's a great thing ;)

    And I agree with Pash's comments, it somewhat boils down to a difference in syntax and if you understand routing then knowing the difference in syntax isn't to big of a deal.

    Feel free to ask any question in the Juniper form in here about the Juniper routers, there's lots of skilled ppl there who are happy to help :D
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  • itdaddyitdaddy Posts: 2,086Member
    kalebksp and Aldur

    hey thanks mates....I hear a lot of great things about Juniper and I am unbiased...I will for sure look into it..Juniper seems cool thanks so much for your advice...icon_thumright.gif
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    At first look, Junos feels newer and more attention has been paid to how you interact with it which I liked.

    Edit protocols for instance and type show will show all protocol configuration and nothing else from the config. Then type edit ospf and type show will show just your ospf config. [set ospf area 1 interface at-0/1/1.100] at this level or [set protocols ospf area 1 interface at-0/1/1.100] from the level above so it does give you quite a bit of flexibility at the command line. I did like this with junos and for my first course on it, came across quite refreshing; especially as they shipped me out to the states to learn it for a week.

    What I feel is going on with the industry more than these nuances though seems to me to be a lot of people getting hacked off with the way Cisco are going has more to do with moving people to Juniper. However, if you think you can get away with only learning Juniper you will come to a very sticky end as there are not that very many pure Juniper environments out there.

    Best to have both. If you know cisco, learning the juniper way of configuring the same is not hard work.
  • itdaddyitdaddy Posts: 2,086Member
    thank Kam excellent comments thank you.
  • PashPash Posts: 1,601Member
    As Aldur said the Juniper forums is awesome for any help with Juniper routing and switching, we have resident god's for Juniper stuff, points at Aldur + rossonieri + zoidberg!

    I am also in complete agreement with Kam. There are rarely single vendor shop's out there, best example I can give is a Japanese bank I do work for now and again, they have smaller sub companies located at various sites, branch offices interlinked with Juniper equipment and Cisco, at first it may easy to think it's a mess, but even cross vendor VPN configuration's are well documented (i have pix/ASA to netscreen quiet a few times).

    I beleive the guys above are very well qualified to share experiences with ISP tech as well.
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  • itdaddyitdaddy Posts: 2,086Member

    fantastic thank you...supericon_cheers.gif
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