2003 objective's release info and some help on study

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hi all,
for all who wanted to know info on the release time of 2003 objective, here is a reply from compTIA:

Thank you for your email.
The new exam will be available in September.

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What a difference a certification makes.

can people also let me know what they have found to be the best study method for the final exams before sitting it.


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    basically, the best way to study is to get atleast one book and some hands-on experience.

    practise exams will prove useful once you have read through your book(s) the first time, and should help you work out which objectives you need to work on. the exam objectives can be downloaded from comptia website.

    by reviewing your weaker areas and working on them until they are up to scratch, it's normally about time to book your exam for a week or two once you constantly achieve 80%+ in them (or 90%+ if they are exams you take frequently as you will become accustomed to the questions and answers).

    good luck
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