ICND1, not what I expected

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Just got back from the test center; the ICND1 was not what I expected! Having read Odom's book, Boson labs, simulations and real equipment labs I thought I knew what was coming. It felt like 20% of the questions on the exam were not covered VIA any of the study material I used. Regardless, I scraped by with a 860. Going to go pop open a bottle of wine now and celebrate losing my exam virginity.


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    Hey buddy, glad you made it through! :D

    Don't forget to update your cert list icon_cool.gif
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    What subjects did you find was not covered by your study material?
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    dshay25 wrote: »
    What subjects did you find was not covered by your study material?

    I can't say much without violating the NDA. Also, it could simply be my memory was the issue and the things I missed were indeed covered.
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    dynamik wrote: »
    Hey buddy, glad you made it through! :D

    Don't forget to update your cert list icon_cool.gif

    Thank you sir!

    I've been debating whether or not to put the CCENT on my resume. I would not be interested in entry level work so I think I will keep it off until I pass the ICND2.
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    In this market you should take what you can get for work. Where I am I'd take just about anything so I could work my way up or at least have some professional experience on the resume to move up a notch in 6mo-1yr.

    Not breaking the NDA/going from the Cisco Academy, you are probably weak on subnetting (this is covered in the Odom book, but no one can make you practice) or you're weak on basic routing protocol theory in which case I would definitely go over it so you understand. EIGRP and OSPF are a bit more complex at the CCNA level.

    If you feel confident on these subjects, my last guess as far as where you didn't feel prepared was understanding IOS. What I mean is you went through the motions of pushing buttons and typing commands, but you didn't fully grasp things like how to troubleshoot what you configured via debug and show commands.

    These are probably the main issues I see with my fellow students when it comes to the material covered in Cisco 1/2 in prep for the ICND 1 test.
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    Have a look at your score report. That should tell you where your weak areas are. Have you mastered subnetting ? You really need to have that down pat. I have heard of people getting questions on Frame Relay configs which i think is beyond the scope of the ICND1 exam.
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    I did poorly on WLAN and WAN stuff. Subnetting was not a problem.
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    without breaking the nda i can say mella's right i passed my ccent july 17th with 888 score and had a question that i didn't think was covered in icnd1 but i got it right anyhow :)
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    Congratulations!! icon_cheers.gif
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