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I have ordered it from ebay account and received it today. I am not happy with the content. The box is not only crushed but it also doesn't include a 400 page book like it was advertised? Isn't there something wrong with this? Does it not supposed to have a book that comes with it? Description claimed that it was a soft cover. Did they mean e-book? One of the main reasons I bought this software was that I didn't have to look through a pdf file while I was doing the labs, I could just read it from a real book.
Amazon description states that it is hardcover. Can some one who already bought this could shed me some light please? Thank you


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    There are only two versions on the Cisco Press Web Site (delivered or downloadable) -- and both say 0 pages.

    CCNA 640-802 Network Simulator - $119.99

    CCNA 640-802 Network Simulator, Downloadable Version - $119.99

    Both are $105 with the member discount.

    The only one on is the $89 "hardcover" -- that as you found out, doesn't exist.
    CCNA 640-802 Network Simulator : Wendell Odom : ISBN 9781587202162 -

    Since it's simulation software and they do online updates, a book with the labs would be out of sync and out of date, um, now, since they've already had at least one update.

    But you may as well ask about it.....
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    Yes you are right. It is just bad advertisement. They shouldn't put 400 page hardcover on there. By the way, I finally installed it and I am very disappointed with it. The license agreement states that the software is sold "as is" and they offer no guaranties. If you don't agree with these terms you shouldn't have opened it. How am I supposed to know the terms without opening the box? It isn't like it is on their web site or anything. It is also very dificult to see if you are using 1920X1200 resolution. I have %150 scale but for some reason(I think because it uses java) the software won't resize to a bigger size and also the last line of the command line won't show. So basicly you can't see anything you type. I am thinking about installing it on a virtual machine but I am scared to waste another install if it isn't going to work. They only allow 4.
    As far as the content, I think it is fantastic. I just wish they had done a better job with the software. Packet tracer resizes and work wonderful on my computer. I feel like I just wasted $80. I hope I get to use this software.
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    If you contact, I think they will allow you to return it with shipping at their cost, since the description online is obviously wrong.
    I am working on my ICND2 right now. I have packet tracer, but I prefer to play with real hardware.
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