Passed Net + 2007 today

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I took the Network+ 2007 today and passed with an 810 score. I have been in IT for over 10years, so I thought I could pass the test without studying. But I changed my mind and started studying about 3 weeks ago, via practice exams and Technotes (which are great). I’m so glad I did. Because you may know networking, networking equipment, and protocols but if don’t familiarize yourself with the way Comptia phases their questions you may be in trouble. Having said that I thought some of the questions were bogus, and some of the choices for answers to questions were bogus. It seems like they leave out important facts to help you come to the correct conclusion. Sometime you have to just guess. I know that is the point of the test, but they should be a little clearer with the scenarios. If it wasn’t for the NDA I would go into greater detail. Does anyone else feel this way? Good luck to everyone taking the test tomorrow.


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    Congrats on the pass! icon_thumright.gif

    A lot of people come up with the same complaint about somewhat unclear questions. I didn't find them that bad though. Sometimes, yes, you do just have to guess and pick the "least wrong" answer as opposed to the best. But I think a lot of standardized tests are that way.

    One thing I think is important to realize is that in real life, you rarely get perfectly set up questions or scenarios, so in a way it's more realistic to get a crack-tastic question as it will more closely mirror what you will see in the workplace. So in my opinion, slightly unclear questions are pretty good training for the wacky questions you will get on the job. Just my two cents.
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    Congrats, what are you studying next?
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    Thanks. I am scheduled to take the CCNA exam the 1st week of sept. If I pass I will go after the RHCE by early next year. The format of the RHCE test has changed so I am a little nervous about taking it without studying for a few months. Plus, the exam is $800 so I want to make sure I pass. My boss would be pissed if he paid that much for just an exam, and I failed the exam.
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