Simulation lab setup..

rakemrakem Member Posts: 800
This is not really CCNP specific, but its still relevent as is all about QoS and stuff.
I need to setup a test lab at work to simulate parts of our production environment.

I need to have 4 links running at 256K. I wanted to setup 4 routers so i could apply some QoS traffic shaping but have been told all i have to work with is 1 Cisco 3560.

So looks like all i can do is setup rate-limiting, but i have not have much experience with it. So is it possible to use the rate-limiting features on the VLAN interfaces to limit the traffic on those VLANS down to a 256K link?

So i have something like this:

Interface Vlan20
rate-limit input 2000000 1500 2000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop

Would this accomplish what I’m trying to achieve?

CCIE# 38186
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